Topic of the Week: Preparation Before Starting

A good preparation leads to a successful performance.
When students got failure in any of the exams, festivals or competitions, they always give themselves a chain of reasons like:
1) I am not familiar with that piano.
2) I start faster/slower than usual.
3) I did much better when I was practising at home.
4) I don’t know why I forgot all details in the piece when I played in real occasions.

Students, please remember that you have only one chance to play in front of examiners and juries in most of the exams, festivals or competitions. You should do all the things securely in one attempt only.
No excuse is accepted.

A good preparation should include the followings:

Be prepared of the pulse. The breath is of the same ratio to the rest of the piece.
Also, a breath can give you confidence and body support which is crucial in your performance.
Think before you play and organize the range of dynamics in the piece.
Dynamics always need contrast to make it effective. Students sometimes have difficulties in projecting different dynamics because they make a loud tone with p. So how can they perform crescendo or f later in the piece? That’s why we need a plan and think before starting.
This is very common in young students. They do not even put their hands in a correct position before starting but they have already started a piece. This will be a disastrous moment.
Prepare every articulation, at least for the first line.
Think about the mood throughout the piece and make a reasonable account for it.
Suggestion: Try to imagine how the first line sounds when you are about to start.


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