Students Get Ready for your Exams!

Sorry for not updating my website recently. And sorry for disappointing some of my sincere readers.

I am holding a workshop which is basically for your warmup  in September.
You will be playing your pieces using grand piano in a theater and gain some stage experience.
Do any of my students feel
interested in joining it? Please tell me in your lesson.


Anxiety and Artistry

We are afraid of musical accidents, and not irrationally but, as we shall see, perfectly reasonably. And you should know music is always a risk. Or even though you play well technically and musically, the judges or examiners may have different angles to view your work. So relax and sing with your work!

Some points to let student feel better

1)Once you have received your exam admission slip, please do not criticize anything about the exam center.

2)Please book the exam room in the exam center and students will know the atmosphere and the feeling of a different hardware(Piano).

3)Parents please give your greatest support to your child while do not place any pressure on them.

4)For the moments after the exam, parents should not ask  how was the exam going because students normally need sometime to calm themselves down.

5)Do not blame your child for making any mistakes or dissatisfying performance during the exam.

I know sitting for an exam is a difficult thing to all. However, try your best to put yourself into best limit! Believe in yourself and you will get fruitful result:)


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