Topic of the Week-Motivation

Like hunger, it is essential for every individual to eat for survival. And this is the same for learning music instrument. However, driving students to practice more requires to set an intrinsic need for them so that a child can be capable to take a control over their achievement. Therefore, it’s important to set challenge according to the student’s ability. Students feel a sense of joy and confidence after achieving every goal and motivation will continue to grow. By providing directions and rewarding them, children and even adults possess the skills to exhibit their confidence to do so.

Does every goal motivate students?
The answer is NO. If the musical task is not set according to the student’s ability, the student cannot achieve it. This will drain a student’s confidence so realistic goals can create motivation for students. Some of the goals can be passing a particular exam or having musical experiences in participating in music competitions.

Does entering exam or competition always do good more than harm?
No. It is true that while preparing for an exam or competition, students tend to work harder and practice more with demanding music with a tangible goal like awarding any certificates, ratings or passing of “grades”. However, it will be quite disgraceful for students if they receive harsh criticism or a fail mark in exams or competitions (This always happens on the students entering a wrong grade or choosing a piece too difficult for themselves). The grade and repertoire should be chosen based on the student’s musical ability so we should always set goals within the limits of the student. The students will get more confidence if they receive good results in an exam. This is actually a source of extrinsic motivation.


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