Topic of the week- Sight Reading Tips

Many students have difficulties in sight reading. To an extent, the reason why they don’t have such ability is contributed to 1) Lack of Sight reading practice. 2) Never Look Ahead, 3) Mixed up the playing with Performance and Sight-reading.
For the first reason, this is perhaps one of the biggest reasons for why students can’t perform well in sight-reading. If you can spend time to play a lot of unfamiliar music, the case will be definitely changed. ( so if you don’t have an idea of what to play, an experience teacher can help you make a systematic plan.)
Secondly, looking ahead is very important technique in sight-reading. Students tend to focus on the notes that they are playing without having a whole picture.
Lastly, there should be huge differences between performance practice and sight-reading.
Performance Practice
1. No mistake is allowed so you should practice until all things are correct.
2. Listen to the sound and look at your hands while playing.
3. All details marked in the music should be noticed. ( articulation & dynamic)
4. Plan your fingerings and follow it from time to time.
5. Do not omit anything. ( notes/ performance direction.)

Sight-reading Practice
1. Mistakes are allowed. Just keep it on and do not stop.
2. Always look ahead and never look at your hands.
3. Having a whole picture is more important than strictly following all details in the music.
4. Try to get the most notes and keep a steady pulse.
5. Omitting elements in the music is allowed so no panic.


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