Etudes for Piano Teachers

Front Cover

Etudes for Piano Teachers

Reflections on the Teacher’s Art

Stewart Gordon

My recent reading.
For teachers ourselves, we are both teaching and learning. A teacher should never stop learning and thinking. This book inspires me to reflect more on what teaching is. Music education is all about psychology : how to motivate students; how to solve their problems; what to do if students have stage fright, etc. When teachers nowadays nearly neglect the importance of psychological conditioning, I have to form my own philosophy. Reading this book,  I start to realise that the role of teachers is not just to produce individuals who are capable to play something technically and musically but also grow them into all-rounded human being.  My goal next year is to nurture next generation to be good psychologists and have positive mindset.

“Making music has the potential to help our children utilize, develop, and strengthen several aspects of intelligence. Through studying an instrument, listening to music, and singing, they can tune up their minds and get excited about learning. This is likely to translate into getting better grades in subjects as diverse as language arts and mathematics.” (Turner, 2004)


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