Studio Policy

1) Respect each other.

2) Sufficient practice is important for progress. Students should have daily practice of at least 30 minutes. Students with insufficient preparation for lessons will be expelled.

3) Parents should avoid staying, waiting in the studio unless you are told to do so. Parents can observe my piano lesson with my approval.

4) Students can only apply leave with sickness(with doctor’s certificate). All missed lessons should be made-up according to my schedule.

5) Students can apply emergency(with acceptable reasons) leaves three days in advance. Any late notice commits to no refund. If urgent leaves is requested by the teacher, the tuition can be carried to next month.

6) Students can apply leaves two times for every session (for school exam preparation / trip). You need to have make-up lessons only when you apply more than two leaves in the following period.

Session 1 :January-June

Session 2: July-December

7) Students are required to attend lessons on time as scheduled. Lessons will be cancelled when the students are late for 15 minutes without acceptable reasons.

8) Tuition fee should be paid before the first lesson of the month. Otherwise, there will be a late charge of $50.

Last updated: 23 Aug 2014


1) 老師、家長和學生必須互相尊重。

2) 學生若要進步必須配合足夠的練習。學生每天的練習需要多於30分鐘,未能達到要求的同學會被趕出教室。

3) 除非得到老師同意, 否則家長應避免留在教室。

4) 學生可於有醫生紙的情況下申請病假,必須進行補堂,時間由老師安排。

5) 學生可於課室三天前申請事假,否則不獲補課。如老師向學生申請事假,學生可按情況選擇是否補課,學費亦可順延至下月。

6) 學生可於以下時段請假兩次且不需補課 (作準備學校考試或旅行之用)。如時段內請假多於兩次則需補課。
時段一: 1月至6月
時段二: 7月至12月

7) 學生需按照議定的時間上課,如未有合格解釋之下遲到十五分鐘,課堂將自動取消。

8) 學費需要每月首堂前交給老師,遲交學費將會收取50元行政費用。


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